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    Visit us for a casual wine tasting any time...seven days a week...between 11 AM and 6 PM

    If you have a group of about 4 or more, calling ahead does give us the opportunity to do things that will make your visit special, since we serve many of our wine tastings with gourmet hors d'oeuvres. We can also entertain large groups up to about 80-persons, and we do request that large groups call ahead at least the day before.

    On special occasions, or when you have a group, a winery tour is something everybody can agree on. The idyllic atmosphere of the vineyards and the fascinating ambiance of the winery blend into an unforgettable experience for your group gathering. 

    Our Tasting Room is very literally 'in-the-winery', so a wine tasting is very much a winery tour. More inclusive tours can be pre-arranged, including tours of the vineyards and barrel cellar. These are dependent upon weather, and we would make a few suggestions concerning footwear and sun protection. (See "Planning a wine tour or casual wine tasting" below...) 





    Guided-Chauffeured Tours / Year-round

    You're always welcome to visit us in your own vehicle, during open hours. We have a large parking area. We'll even try to help you plan your next stop based on the wines you like and the adventure you're looking for.

    There are also professional wine tour companies in The County who put together ad-hoc and scheduled customized tours. A professionally-guided, chauffeured wine tour is not only an elegant way to enjoy the wines of Prince Edward County, it's also a safe way. There are many excellent travel and touring companies in Ontario that feature guided wine tours to the Prince Edward County region. Simply type "wine tour prince edward county" into your search engine and you'll see a long list of very good professional guides.


    Planning a wine tour or casual wine tasting

    Here are our answers to some of the questions we've been asked over the years.
    "How much time does a wine tasting take?" About 30-minutes on average for singles, couples and small groups. Larger groups 45-minutes to an hour.

    "How much time for a wine tasting and a more formal tour?" At Harwood, a tour of our vineyards and barrel cellar will add up to 30-minutes to the above times. 

    "How much time should we allow for tours of several wineries?" Times would be the same as above for each winery visited. But be sure to add travel time of about 15-minutes between wineries on average.

    "How should we dress?" As comfortably as possible! Flat shoes and clothing suitable for out-of-doors are recommended for vineyard tours. If you're going into a vineyard or a rustic barrel cellar like ours, outdoor grade shoes are a must. Hats and sun protection should also be considered. 

    "Can you accommodate people with special physical needs?" Harwood is 100% Chair Accessible from top to bottom except for the vineyard, and we're working on that.

    "What about people with special dietary restrictions?" Sorry to say that we can't guarantee that anything we serve is completely nut or allergen free. We can certify that various of our wines are Vegan and/or Vegetarian, and these are plainly marked.

    "Are children allowed in the winery?" With parents, absolutely. We try to provide light entertainments for the very young. We usually have complimentary kid-size fruit drinks.

    "Can we bring the dog?" People travel with pets. We do have a watering and unwatering area where Rover and fluffy can relax (better than a hot car) under your supervision. The Tasting Room is a 'food service area' where pets aren't allowed by Ontario law.

    "Is there a fee for the tasting?" At Harwood, we charge $1 per tasting, which also includes the day's hor d'oeuvre pairings. This tasting fee is waived for anyone purchasing wine.

    "Are you dog-friendly?" Yes, we have an outdoor pet-friendly patio during the warmer months, but Provincial regulations exclude all animals from indoor food-service areas. However, dogs with a Service Dog Vest are allowed indoors year-round. 

    "Do you have bicycle parking? Yes. We have a bar for 20-bikes and there's ample area for many more. (P.S. Cyclists; any purchases can be picked up later, or shipped to your home at no extra charge.)

    "We have a Designated Driver. Do you have anything for them?" We certainly do! DDs are #1 at Harwood. We have hot and cold beverages without alcohol and plenty of snacks for the DDs (and the tour guides and the bus drivers). They're the people who make it possible for us to safely enjoy wine touring!

    "We'll be driving motorhomes/pulling trailers. Is there enough parking?" We have a large parking area with two entrances, one on Loyalist Parkway and the other around the corner on Palmer-Burris Road. That makes it easy to get in and out without any tedious turnarounds.

    Call us toll-free any time with questions we haven't answered here: 855-ONT-WINE (668-9463).

    Everyone will have a personalized way of enjoying their wine tour adventure. There is, however, one very real rule that we encourage everyone to follow: please don't drive with a blood alcohol level higher than that allowed by law. Here's a link for information on Ontario's blood alcohol law...