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    Wine is alone without food. Harwood's two gourmet partners Judy Harwood and Kerry Wicks have shared many of their personal creations for pairings with Harwood wines via their books and recipe cards. They're drawn to the exotic international tastes, inspired by their travels, and Harwood's Gewürztraminer mates perfectly with spicy dishes. Our Pinot Noir, Pinot St. Laurent and Pinot Gris are Judy and Kerry's favourites with French style cuisine. For lighter fare, Harwood's vivacious Friends Rosé with its strawberry pallet is their choice. Judy and Kerry are developing dozens of new pairings now. Visit this page often.
    Harwood wines are also available at many fine licensed restaurants
    all over Ontario


    Marquesa (Port-style)
    Sommelier David O'Conner calls Marquesa, "...a warm mouthful of black cherry and spiced honey." He adds, "With its heft, color and nutty notes, this wine reminds me of a Colheita (single-vintage tawny port). The wine has a touch of heat at the end that, during the depths of winter, makes a perfect after-dinner beverage beside a cozy fire. We purposely left the sugar levels of this fabulous wine lower to avoid a cloying finish." Because Marquesa is made in the style of a fine Port, the alcohol level is considerable. Port serves best with more powerful foods, and slightly sharper tastes, and like everything else in the universe, it's fabulous with maple syrup...and maybe a hockey playoff game.

             Pairing >> Maple Crêpes
    Just Desserts
    Your first taste of Harwood's Just Desserts will be one of the most pleasant wine surprises ever. There's nothing like it...anywhere. The finish is very dry even though the pallet is sweet. That means you can still taste the dessert you're serving with it. So strawberries still taste like strawberries, chocolate still tastes like chocolate. Just desserts serves perfectly with virtually any sweet dish. Also exceptional as an aperatif, or even as the final course itself.

             Pairing >> Pot au Crème
    Cabernet Sauvignon
    Cabernet Sauvignon is probably the most popular red wine in North America at this time. Though it's rich enough to drink with roasted or grilled red meats (lamb, for example), venison, and duck and goose, Cabernet Sauvignon also pairs well with roasted turkey and chicken. Because of somewhat savory qualities in Cab Sauv's general nose profile, it makes an ideal companion for various vegetarian dishes, such as one we've highlighted below.

             Pairing >> Muskox a la Marquesa
             Pairing >> Gammy's Vegetarian Pasta Sauce
    Pinot Noir
    The soft and tender tannins of Harwood's Pinot Noir 2007 and 2008 make them very sleek, smooth and easy drinking red wines that go well with even light meats like fish, veal, pork and chicken. Pinot Noir is the natural accent for thinly-sliced roast beef and most lamb recipes. If you're planning a turkey dinner with sausage stuffing, treat yourself to a glass, or two of our beautiful Pinot Noir.

             Pairing >> Nepalese Stew (Meat and Vegan versions)
             Pairing >> Potted Wine Stew
    St. Laurent
    When pairing foods with our St. Laurent 2007 or 2008, think "Pinot Noir". In fact Harwood's Pinot St. Laurent has very much the nose and pallet of a fine Pinot Noir. After all, they do live right next to each other in our vineyards and they're members of the same grape family. It has a marvellous 'cherry' fruitiness and a paradoxical pallet: silky smooth, yet a nice balance of acidity--the Hillier hallmark. The nose, pallet and expansive bouquet can take it places usually occupied only by a Pinot Noir. This St Laurent sits happily next to more lightly seasoned meats, slightly spicier foul and dark natural vegetable flavours.

             Pairing >> Tortière (French Canadian Meat Pie)
             Pairing >> Olde Fashioned Baked Beans
    Harwood's Gewürztraminer would be quite a good match for Asian and spicier foods, which are often the hardest food styles to pair with wines. But, they are also remarkably good companions for barbecued foods and spicy chicken wings. On the other side of its personality, Gewürztraminer is a well-mannered guest at the festive table along side turkey, cheeses and foie gras.

             Pairing >> Lamb or Veal Chop Curry
             Pairing >> Tibetan Blue Cheese Spread
             Pairing >> Tropical Fruit Salad and Sauce
    Pinot Gris
    Harwood's Pinot Gris 2008 is the perfect accompaniment for light fish. It also pairs beautifully with all oily white-fleshed seafood, light pastas, and cheese & cracker/bread combinations. It's also delightful with both mild and zesty fruits (except, perhaps, grapefruit.) Pinot Gris on its own, like Gewürztraminer makes a lovely sipping wine for summertime patios.

             Pairing >> Avocado and Orange Salad
             Pairing >> Corn, Black Bean, Red Pepper Salad
    New recipes now in the Harwood R&D Kitchen. Coming soon!

             Pairing >> Maple Crêpes
    New recipes now in the Harwood R&D Kitchen. Coming soon!

             Pairing >> Maple Crêpes