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    Wine Touring in Prince Edward County Ontario

    How to do a Wine Tour

    How to do a Wine Tour

    To do a wine tour, no special knowledge is required and you don't have to master complicated names. Yes, some people become experts and that is quite involved, but finding good wines is mostly a matter of personal experimentation  

    The big difference between a Wine Tour and a run to the local retailer is that you can try before you buy on a Wine Tour. It's so much better to make a decision based on your own personal experience. We aren't all the same in matters of taste. 

    Better yet, a Wine Tour, either with a touring company or self-directed, can bring you to more than one winery tasting room. You can really learn about the nature of a wine region and that's one of the most rewarding aspects of wine enjoyment. It's also an eye-opener when you discover a small Ontario winery that's making your 'new favourite wine'...wine made in Ontario from grapes grown in Ontario by people who live and work in Ontario.

    Today, there are more than 40-wineries in the Designated Viticultural Area of Prince Edward County. It is a very well-populated wine region by international standards. The County is also deceptively large. We suggest that you consider exploring it in several visits, each involving four or five winery stops. That could easily consume three to four hours, or more. There's not only wine, but so much to see and enjoy at each winery

    Wineries generally publish their tasting fees. Ours are one-dollar per tasting and a small ideal food pairing is included. There's no commitment to purchase. We do waive the Tasting fee with the purchase of wine, but this isn't a standard everywhere.

    Individuals and couples need no reservations at Harwood. But we do appreciate groups of six or more calling ahead because we like our pairing plates to be fresh and ready when you arrive. We think food pairings are important to the wine experience.

    Yes, the kids can come for a 'juice tasting' and we always have interesting things for them to do. Designated Drivers are very special, private or pro, and there's coffee, tea, juice, or sparkling water for them, plus their own 'pairings'. 

    All of our buildings and washrooms are chair friendly. Our parking lot is a pull-thru (Loyalist Pkwy & Palmer-Burris Rd) for larger vehicles. And we're always happy to see cyclists! They get to enjoy something extremely unique about The County...fresh air.